Are you looking for the best gift ideas for a book lover but don't want to buy another book? Check out our propositions for gifts that will make any bookworm more than happy!

100 books scratch-off poster

Every bookworm, after some time, asks himself the question - what next book should I read? When choosing, don't forget the 100 must-read books. The scratch poster is not only great fun to discover the next fields, but also a beautiful decoration on the wall of any bookworm.

Special bookmark

A contest could be held among bookworms for the most original bookmark, and probably many of them would surprise the starters themselves ... However, for readers, it is important that you take care of your books, but do not lose the fragment where the story just ended. In such situations, the ideal solution is a unique and beautiful bookmark that delicately marks when you've said to yourself "just one more chapter".

Personal library kit

What is the dream job of every reading enthusiast? The job of a librarian, of course. But as we know, the reality is different and bookworms work ... In every profession. Awaken your inner child and when someone wants to borrow one of the books from your collection - create a small lending library and mark the books you own accordingly.

Floating superhero bookshelf

The most important place in any bookworm's house is ...? Of course, apart from the favourite place to read under the blanket... Yes, it is a place where the entire collection of books collected and read so far is displayed. This place can become special not only thanks to the collected books, but also thanks to the ingenious bookshelves - now let your books be supported by a superhero (they definitely deserve it).

Book page holder

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. The book page holder is a must-have gadget for any book lover, unusual in its simplicity. It makes reading with just one hand even easier. Take your favourite tea in your hand and get immersed in reading. And because the book page holder is so compact, you can take it anywhere!

Book-shaped reading lamp

Indispensable for evening reading - a lamp. The main thing is that it should have a pleasant and warm light, but also a reading lamp doesn't have to be boring! So if you're a book freak, express it by having book-shaped reading lamp. It's the perfect combination of a practical and unusual gift all in one. Add another element to create your perfect evening reading atmosphere thanks to the unique design of the lamp for readers.

A Reader's Journal

Tell me what books you read, and I will tell you what kind of person you are. The problem starts when your reading list is so long it's hard to remember. A Reader's Journal is the perfect solution for any bookworm. Here you can store all the books you've read so far, along with valuable information about them, as well as notes and annotations. Now, when someone asks you to recommend an interesting read (after all, you know that you are a specialist in this field), don't hesitate for hours, just grab your Reader's Journal and recommend the one you like the most.

Decorative reader sculpture

Yes, by now everyone knows you're a real bookworm. But don't let them forget it! If you want to introduce art and decorative elements into your home, consider a minimalist, but also very classic little sculpture of the reader. Β The sculpture can also be used as a support for the books you are reading, so it is not only an artistic gift but also a practical one.