Do you want to find the ideal gift for someone who has recently taken up yoga as a hobby? Β Do not hesitate and get inspired by this list of the best gifts for people who have just started practising yoga!

Lavender eye pillow

Meditation and relaxation after exercise is a natural and enjoyable duty for every yogi. The lavender eye pillow is the best solution to come to rest undisturbed. Yoga practise finished? Just lie down, put the pillow on your eyes, perfect Shavasana is waiting!

Natural cork yoga blocks

It can appear to be a regular cork block at first look, but for yoga practitioners, it is the foundation of stretching. Yoga cork blocks help every yogi perform better and get the most out of every workout. What's more, cork blocks are environmentally friendly and long-lasting. Every day, let's stretch with new energy!

Yoga pose poster

Start each day with the most important thing - proper breathing. As you breathe in and out calmly, plan your day and your first yoga practice. Hang the yoga poster on your wall to not only decorate it, but also get motivation for daily yoga.

Yoga mat

If you want to achieve inner peace and feel namaste, nothing is more important than the foundation - like your yoga mat. Thanks to its good structure, you will feel better and more comfortable with every yoga pose and stretch. This is where the useful can meet the beautiful - your yoga mat can also be practical and in your favourite style. It is the must-have accessory that you should not forget before each exercise.

MacramΓ© mat strap

Every yogi has many ideas about the best place to start their yoga practice - should it be a terrace with a view, a beach, a hill nearby, or a gym? The possibilities are endless. But each time, a problem also arises - what's the best way to get my mat to my perfect yoga spot? Here's not only useful, but a beautiful macramΓ© mat strap to help take your mat wherever you want!