Do you want to make a gift for a health nut? Don't worry about finding the perfect gift; simply look at our gift ideas for someone who lives a healthy lifestyle!

Antimicrobial Sheets

The freaky truth of the matter is that our bed sheets are chock-full of bacteria. Ideally you should be washing your bed sheets at minimum, once a week. Doesn't sound like you? Us either. All the more reason to soup up your sleep space with a set of Silvon Bed Sheets Woven with Antimicrobial Silver. Enthusiasts swear by the silky soft, organic cotton threads. Not only do dermatologists recommend these as an addition to anyone's anti-acne routine due to the positively charged ions pulling bacteria in like a magnet, but also you can go 3x as long without washing them and still see far less microscopic junk left over.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Some experts are going as far as to call blue light the new smoking in terms of degrading our health. While that might sound far fetched, one thing is for sure - the abundance of blue light emissions from our ever growing amount of devices is wrecking havoc on our circadian rhythm. You can find low-quality blue light blockers marketed on every other corner store but we think your gift receiver deserves the best, which is why we choose the BluBlox Wayfarer Sleep+. They are the only glasses on the market that block 100% all harmful blue and green light between 400nm and 550nm. This is a great gift for anyone looking to optimize their sleep and their health as a whole.

Ionic Foot Bath

This detox bath is a no-brainer for anyone who treats their body like the temple it is. A must-have in our self care tool kit in today's modern world because of the heap of reported benefits. Some of which include: Purging of heavy metals, a more balanced PH, reducing inflammation, purging yeast, detoxifying the liver, purifying the blood and lymph, and overall enhancing the immune system. We'd go for Ionic Detox Foot Bath Negative Hydrogen System by Healcity because it allows two users at once, as well as comes with a far infrared waistband, and a compact carrying case for easy storage. Do keep in mind that this does not include the foot basin itself, which can easily be added ( ) or use any tub you have at home.


Protection against EMFs is nothing to be overlooked. You may not know what we're talking about, but the health nut in your life will. We are all living in a sea of waves, inundated by our devices. These dots offer a discreet and painless option to keeping those you love and care for a little safer.