Do you want to make a present Β for a new student? Check out our list of gift ideas for people who are just starting out in the adult world and starting to study!

Customized map of your city

It can be very painful to leave the family home for the first time. Even if students initially agree that living alone is preferable, they miss their families and favorite places after two weeks. A customized map of the family town is a melancholic but also stylish gift. Mark your favourite address and have something to hang on the wall in your new room!

Table tray for laptop

Online learning has brought about many changes, but the number of assignments to complete remains constant-at all times. Even if you are studying from home, it is critical to remember to be comfortable. A table tray that allows you to work comfortablyβ€”even from your bedβ€”is a perfect match for your everyday tracksuit.

Laptop case with initials

Since the laptop is the most important thing for any student, it is important to take good care of it! A laptop case is a must-have accessory before studying to shield it from scratches and stains. Using your initials or name is a perfect way to avoid mistakenly swapping it with someone else and to have something more personal.

Daily planner

Everyone knows that student life can be a complete mess. But it doesn't have to be that way! A daily planner is the most easy way to keep track of everythingβ€”homework, assignments, and the Friday party. Don't forget to write important items down in your daily planner, so you don't forget them.

Stress reliever

Every exam, presentation, or assignment that you have to complete late at night in order to passβ€”all of them can be a huge source of stress. It is useful to keep something to relieve stress, such as a ball to squeeze, nearby and with motivational text to help calm or focus.