Are you looking for a gift for someone who works as a freelancer or is a digital nomad? Check out our proposition of gifts that they will surely be happy about!

Adjustable laptop stand

Freelancers and digital nomads work... literally everywhere! As a result, an adjustable laptop stand is a good solution for preventing uncomfortable positions at work, making work from anywhere more comfortable and enjoyable.

Universal adapter

What freelancers value the most is the ability to work from anywhere in the world. But what if you are unable to load the necessary equipment and work due to a different electric socket? Don't care about such trifles! Instead, check out the universal adapter, which allows you to plug your laptop into any electric socket, whenever on which continent you are.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Have you found the ideal place to work, with a beautiful view (and good coffee), but the conversation next to you prevents you from concentrating fully? Do not worry about such things, and while working from anywhere, listen to your favourite music to help you focus using noise-cancelling headphones. Nothing can stop you from creating the ideal workplace!

Travellers' pillow

Long journeys by various means of transport, often in inconvenient conditions, are a source of frustration for any frequent traveller. But you can take care of your comfortβ€”rest and nap during the next long flight with the help of a pillow that will change your perception of long journeys and their comfort - only for the better.

Tasks planner

What is the most difficult aspect of being self-employed? Self-organization is unmistakable. So if you want to help a freelancer and make a perfect gift, check out freelancer planners, which will ensure that they always meet their deadlines.

Wi-Fi extender

Every freelancer and digital nomad's primary tool is the Internet. As a result, it is critical that the connection quality remains consistent and unwavering. How do you care for it when you're sometimes at the "ends of the world"? The ideal solution is a Wi-Fi extender, which allows you to stay connected no matter where you are!


Do you want to make a funny gift for a freelancer or digital nomad? This decision-maker will make them feel as if you truly understand what they are going through! After all, it is well known that when there is a lot of work, it is difficult to prioritize tasks, and it is preferable for someone else to decide what to do with a given taskβ€” the best decision is a random one!