Are you looking for the perfect gift for your toddler that will be more than just another cuddly toy ? Check out our gift recommendations for active kids.

Space tent with tunnel

Every child (and probably not a one adult) dreams of becoming an astronaut. That's why it's worth it for you to choose for your child this cosmic and maze toy - a tent with a tunnel leading to a ball pool. Convenient to indoor, outdoor, portable to travel, and most importantly, definitely time-consuming for your kiddo.

Story projector for smartphone

Once upon a time ... sometimes you want to illustrate the fairy tale as well as possible, but at the same time do not turn on the set TV. Try a story projector, thanks to which, using a flashlight from your smartphone, you can make a small projection of a fairy tale for your child - unique and created to live a long and happy life.

Wooden puzzle shape toy

Sometimes the classics are best - especially for your toddler. So if you want to educate your child and let him/her play at the same time, it is good to choose a toy thanks to which he/she learns basic shapes - encouraging for the child because in different colours and also with educational gain - a win-win situation!

Baby whale bath toy

Probably every parent knows how hard it is to encourage or keep a toddler in the bath. But for this problem a little whale comes to the rescue! It expels water (as whales do) and changes colour. Thanks to it, your child will love bath time.

Colours sorting toy - farmer's market

Lots of colours, lots of fruit, and lots of fun for your child, plus learning about colours - can you find a better toy than a set of colourful fruits and vegetables? The farmer's market toy can also be used to learn fruits, vegetables, counting and many others - where creativity ends - for you and your child.

Stepping colourful stones

An ideal toy for active children that you can take indoors, outdoors, but also on a trip - colourful and soft stones on which your child can bounce on the paths you mark out - let your toddler learn balance and spend time actively at the same time.

Bath book

Make every bath a magical experiment for your child thanks to the bath book, in which you will see how little animals spend their bath, and under the influence of water, the pages will become colourful - it is not only a unique toy that will make your child happy while bathing, but will definitely help you to make your toddler calm during every evening bath.