Do you want to give a gift to someone who enjoys painting? Or maybe you're looking for ideas for what you'd like to receive as an amateur painter from your loved ones. Check out our list of gift ideas for any aspiring painter!

Wooden easel

A stable and easel, preferably one that can be adjusted in height and is compact enough to be easily transported to the outdoors, is the foundation for any painter, amateur, or professional.

The book about famous painters

Where painters find motivation and inspiration to create new paintings? It's best to take inspiration from the best! Every aspiring (and not only) painter will be delighted with a giftβ€”a book about the greatest painters of all timeβ€”their lives and works.

Brushes case

Brushes are, of course, the most important tool in any painter's arsenal! They can't get anywhere without them. It is critical that they are properly cared for and stored. As a result, if you're looking for the ideal gift for a painter, consider a brush case that will help you organize the work of this artistic soul.

Manikin for drawing

Every artist-painter requires ongoing training. So, if you want to give a beginner painter a perfect gift, consider the manikin on which helps to create professional drawings of a figure and learn the proper scale.

Paint brusher cleaner

One issue that arises frequently while painting is proper brush cleaning. Check out a special mug that will make painting even more enjoyable if you want to make a practical gift for a painter close to you. It has brush holders in which you can store brushes when they are not in use or dry, and there is a special cleaning solution at the bottom of the cup.


A sketchbook is something that all painters carry with them wherever they go. Every idea or flash of inspiration will not escape you if you keep it close at hand. As a result, if you're looking for a gift for a new painter, give him a new, high-quality sketchbook.

Ceramic palette

The creation of new colours gives the paintings a distinctive style and perfectly unleashes creativity. As a result, a palette for mixing new colours and hues is a must-have accessory for any painter! If you want to give a painter a gift, choose a high-quality ceramic palette that is both reusable and durable.

Painter apron

It's important to have everything you need when painting, and it's also important not to get half of the paint on your clothes. As a result, a painting apron is a good solution because it keeps each brush and necessary accessory close at hand while also protecting the painter from getting dirty with his work. Furthermore, it gives each artist a distinct and artisanal appearance.