Check out our list of gift ideas for real camper-van travellers if you need a gift for someone who travels by camper van (or wants to start)!

Perfect hammock

What's the best thing about travelling by van? Definitely the sense of freedom and knowing you can stay wherever you want. Once you've found the perfect spot for a moment of relaxation, there's only one thing missing - the perfect hammock to stretch out in comfort and gently sway on. The ideal gift for any traveller, and what is important for any camper van owner - compact and easy to stuff in all the "necessary" things.

Metal mugs with personalization

There are many perfect combinations, and they definitely include warm tea at the campsite after a long trip. However, it is well known that glassware is difficult to maintain in the car, and plastic cups are non-ecological and unpleasant to drink from. The ideal solution is a metal mug that will keep you warm and at the same time - not damaged by hard braking. A perfect gift with the possibility of personalization for any van traveller.

Cookware kit

Time for lunch! You're probably wondering how you're going to stow all those pots and pans in the RV, especially when all your fellow travellers have taken everything "necessary" and there's no room left. The answer to your question is a travel cookware set. This set of dishes is easy to clean, unbreakable, and most importantly - compact and easy to pack - the perfect set for anyone who loves to cook their favourite meals while travelling.

Camping stove

I don't think there's anyone who doubts that the grill is the best part of an evening RV stopover. Sausages (and veggies) from the fire is definitely one of the best summer meals. The problem starts when you need to quickly gather wood to start such a fire - that's when BioLite Campstove comes to the rescue, thanks to which lighting a fire has never been easier.

Pocket Victorinox knife

Definitely a must-have for every traveller and fellow traveller. If you need to cut vegetables for sandwiches or cut the cord - the pocket knife will be something you need to have on hand. It is worth making sure that this gadget is of very good quality and will last for years, just like the Victorinox Swiss Army knife.

Portable wash bag

When we travel by van, we often find that we lack everyday appliances - like a washing machine. Once you've picked up a large amount of dirty laundry, you'll probably wonder how long the line will be for the washing machine at the next campsite - but you don't have to. Discover a portable laundry bag thanks to which you can wash your clothes wherever you want.

Portable coffee maker

After a long road trip, a well-deserved break in an ideal place with your fellow travellers and then a thought comes to your mind that can only make this moment pleasant - you want a fresh coffee. So you don't have to just dream about the perfect solution, Wacaco Minipresso was created, a portable espresso machine. Drink your favourite coffee wherever you want - that's life!